FINEMATIC uses principles observed since the birth of capital markets. Combination of advanced maths and programming guarantees rapid information processing and instant routing of orders to the market. Validation of input hypotheses, testing of developed strategies on past data, selection of appropriate parameters

and learning from real-time data allow proceeding in a systematic manner and practically excluding the human factor. Detailed analysis of trading and accurate measurement of results bring continuous improvement of mathematical models.


Applied strategies, such as trend-following, arbitrage or market-making, use persistent price inefficiencies, which are due to a large number of exchange interactions and reactions to new information. Behavior of the market participants retains the same statistical characteristics over time. FINEMATIC uses these to distinguish the signal from ubiquitous noise. The resulting optimal decisions then lead to a consistent return.

An important part of the trading is optimization of exchange order placement. Such optimization adds a little bit of profit to each transaction and improves the overall result.

The strategy also includes an automated risk management module running above all the algorithms that allocates an optimal amount of capital to each one of them.


FINEMATIC trades with a % return in the last 12 months and an average return of % p.a. since inception.
You can look at the chart of portfolio value evolution on the homepage.