In its investment strategy FINEMATIC directly follows previous work and experience of its founders. Already before creation of the fund they had managed assets of clients using proprietary algorithmic trading software. The autonomous trading system uses principles observed since the birth of capital markets. Combination of advanced maths and programming guarantees rapid information processing and instant routing of orders to the market.

Validation of input hypotheses, testing of developed strategies on past data, selection of appropriate parameters and learning from real-time data allow proceeding in a systematic manner and practically excluding the human factor. Detailed analysis of trading and accurate measurement of results bring continuous improvement of mathematical models.


The results shown below represent historical performance of investment strategy developed for FINEMATIC SICAV, a.s. investment fund. The results come from live trading in period between 2014 and 2021 in scope of the original FINEMATIC project. There the fund founders managed assets of clients using the same investment strategy, but under a different legal form – one that didn't fall under the supervision of the Czech National Bank. Therefore, these are not results of the FINEMATIC fund.

The investment strategy traded historically with a % gross return in the last 12 months and an average gross return of % p.a. since inception.


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